India's No: 1 Rechargeable Electronic mosquito bat

Smoke Free, Pollution Free, Double net production for safe operation,




Vanishmart Mosqutio Bat

  • Quick rechargeable
  • Eco friendly product suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Good quality 500 mAmp rechargeable battery. You can charge more than 500 times life cycle..
  • Easy to use and most perfect and handy design.
  • New technology brings you best facility like fast charging and auto cut for drain.

Vanishmart Most suitable product to use

  • Inbed room, outdoor, inside vehicle, malls, office, garden
  • Not recommended: Near to petrol bunk, Near to flammable areas.

How to Use

  • Charge the Mosquito bat 24 Hours for the first time.
  • Press the Red button only while using the Mosquito bat.
  • Don't use it when ideal. It may create loss of energy.
  • Hit the bat towards the mosquito while flying.
  • Whenever mosquitoes will escape from your mosquito bat, then recharge the bat for 8 -10 hours.


  • Don't allow the children to use mosquito bat.
  • Don't touch the Mesh with Metal pieces or power conductive materials.
  • Brushed off the mosquitoes with soft brushes. Don't use the hand.
  • Don't hit the bat in floor or in hard surface to remove burnt mosquitoes.
  • It may create chances of failure of the product.
  • Don't touch the net immediately after Power off. Because the charge remains for 15- 20 seconds.
  • Don't use Red Button when ideal. It may create loss of energy.