Busting Mosquito Myths: Fact vs. Fiction

20 Jun 2023

Busting Mosquito Myths: Fact vs. Fiction

Over the years, many myths and misconceptions about mosquitoes have spread like wildfire. In this blog, we debunk some of the most common myths associated with these tiny insects and offer evidence-based insights into their true behavior and habits.

Myth: All Mosquitoes Bite Humans

All Mosquitoes Bite Humans: Contrary to popular belief, not all mosquitoes have a taste for human blood. We uncover which species prefer humans and which ones feed on other animals, shedding light on why some people seem more prone to mosquito bites.

Myth: Eating Garlic Repels Mosquitoes

Many believe that consuming garlic or using garlic-based products can keep mosquitoes at bay. We explore the truth behind this belief and reveal other natural repellents that are scientifically proven to be effective.

Myth: Mosquitoes are Attracted to Light

While mosquitoes are indeed attracted to certain stimuli, not all are drawn to light sources. We examine what actually attracts mosquitoes and offer tips on minimizing their presence around your home.

Myth: Mosquitoes Die After Biting

You might have heard that mosquitoes die after biting humans, but is this really true? We explain the after-effects of mosquito bites and how the insects themselves are affected by their feeding habits.

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