Torch Light TL 07

Torch Light TL 07

Introducing Vanismart Torch Lights: Your Trusty Torch Lights for Every Occasion!

Vanismart Torch Light is the ultimate torch light that combines reliability, versatility, and power in one compact and stylish package. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors, facing an unexpected power outage, or simply need a reliable source of illumination, this torch light is your go-to companion.

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Technical Specification

Battery Capacity

Battery Capacity: 3.7 V /1200 Mah

Charging Time

Charging Time: 6 to 8 hrs to reach full capacity

Power Factor

Power Factor: 0.5W

Excellent Service

Excellent Service

Rechareable Torch Light TL 07


  • Charge 6 to 8 hrs in day time.
  • Disconnect torch light from power plug after recharging is over.
  • Need charging when light becomes weak during usage.
  • For Better life frequent usage is required, if you don’t use very often, then recharge it every 1 month.
Rechareable Torch Light
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